Collaborative Report: Economic Models for Tokenized Communities

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Tokenized communities need to make money, but how?

Forefront is back with a series of essays on Economic Models for Tokenized Communities. Today, we're kicking off with three pieces:

Economic Models for Tokenized Communities (GATED): This piece outlines 9 models that communities can use for generating value for the DAO, their pros and cons, and (when relevant) examples of them being used throughout the ecosystem.

Dropping as a DAO (GATED): This essay walks through the benefits and drawbacks of "Droposals" (h/t @0xigami), with a quick discussion of the cultural and governance implications for communities.

The Opportunities and Limitations of Nounish DAOs (OPEN): From Chris Carella, this essay is arguably the clearest explanation of why Nounish DAOs are so important, what types of communities should leverage the model, and what communities should avoid them.

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After 100 report passes are minted, all essays will be open to the public. Otherwise, everything will be public on Thursday, May 11.

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Forefront is a community of builders and creators in and around tokenized communities, exploring at the frontier of the ecosystem.

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