The Forefront Newsletter is Evolving

Forefront’s weekly newsletter is a staple of the tokenized community and web3 social ecosystem. Over the last couple of years, the newsletter has stayed relatively constant, focusing on quality over all else.

Today, we’re excited to announce some changes to the Forefront Newsletter, including:

  • New Themed Sections: crypto intersects with a lot of fascinating spaces. To kick things off, we’ll be launching an all-new Crypto x AI section in the existing Forefront Newsletter. Over time, these themed sections will adjust to what’s most interesting in any given month.

  • Sponsorship Highlights: the Forefront Newsletter now runs on monthly partnerships with values-aligned web3 projects. For March, we’re excited to be partnering with Otterspace! If you’re interested in partnering with us for future months, shoot us a DM.

  • New Reading Experience + Referrals: the Forefront Newsletter will be moving to a new platform allowing us to construct an all-new reading experience and even build out a referral program with some cool swag (stay tuned!).

We’re continuing to improve the Forefront Newsletter, and we’d love to hear your feedback on how it can continue to be the best email you receive every week.

If you’re still not a Forefront Newsletter subscriber, here’s your chance. We’re excited to use Mirror to highlight their new “Subscribe to Mint” feature. Mint this open edition to show your support for the Forefront Newsletter and subscribe to future editions!

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