Forefront Digital Economy Canon - Section 3: Top Tokenized Communities
Eliot Couvat
December 8th, 2021

TLDR; The FF Writers Guild will release a new section of this Digital Economy Canon each other week, available on the Forefront Website. This project is an ongoing experiment in community curation, culminating in the FF Awards.

Last week, for the second section of Forefront Digital Economy highlighting the most thriving Newsletters in the Web3 space, the ten nominees of the race accumulated a total of 37,235 votes, confirming our assumptions that there's a real craze around collaborative curation.

This project is centered around the $FF community. Curation is entirely in your hands, and we're excited to see the outcome. We saw a ton of activity around the Canon in the last two weeks, and we expect to see even more for this third section! Together, we can push forward at the forefront of community curation and tooling.

This week, we're releasing the third section of our Digital Economy Canon, showcasing the best Tokenized Communities. As communities are really at the heart of this revolution, we've decided to highlight 25 of them, organized into five categories (Social DAOs, Collector DAOs, Investment DAOs, Service DAOs, Up and Coming DAOs).

All these new communities leverage social tokens to facilitate collaboration and create trust between individuals worldwide and have the potential to revolutionize the way we work together.

Winning the race this week will be challenging, and we count on every $FF Holder to vote for their favorite ones, electing the five communities that will be showcased in our final report.

Let the Race Begin!

Every $FF holder can vote on their favorite community proportional to the number of $FF Tokens they hold. The five communities that will get the most votes will be highlighted in a final report along with the winners of the other categories and will receive a special edition NFT.

The vote will be open for a period of 96 hours starting on Wednesday, December 8th at 12:30 PM PST. Vote by following the link below.

Let us know your thoughts by joining the Forefront Discord, discussing the canon in our public channel #📜-canon, and suggesting new items to include in future editions.

We are excited to have you with us and build this new digital economy together.

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