Forefront Digital Economy Canon - Section 1 Recap & Announcing the FF AWARDS ✨

TLDR; The FF Writers Guild will release a new section of this Digital Economy Canon each other week, available on the Forefront Website. This project is an ongoing experiment in community curation, culminating in the FF Awards.

Last week, we released the first section of the Forefront Digital Economy highlighting the best podcasts in the Web3 space, and we've been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received! The 10 nominees of the first race accumulated a total of 100,654 votes, with the three winners each topped by more than 10,000 votes. We want to give a big thanks to all the $FF holders for being such an invaluable support in helping us pushing the Web3 and Social Tokens space forward.

Because this is an ever-evolving experimentation, we wanted to share with you the feedback we received during the first section, and take the time to reflect on the things we could improve moving forward.

First, The Winners! ✨

Congrats to our three winners. Each of these podcasts is helping push the space forward and making crypto more accessible to a broader audience. Again, congrats!

Second, Introducing the FF AWARDS! 🚀

Forefront is working to develop THE playbook for curation in web3. This experiment aims to revolutionize collective taste-making and involve more Forefront's community members in the process.

Like the Oscars for movies, the FF AWARDS rewards the top Web3 creators in different categories, letting Forefront community members vote for their favorite creators and resources. Last week, $FF holders voted for their favorite podcasts in the space.

The winners of this first category will receive a special NFT, the title of "Best Creator" in their category, and be highlighted in our Final Report.

The goal of the FF AWARDS is to be a 100% community-driven recognition and celebration of the high-quality work being done throughout the space. $FF holders have full control over the initial list, voting, etc.

Third, WAGMI!

At Forefront, we aim to create THE playbook for curation in web3 by leveraging Token permissioned Race similar to Mirror's Write Race mechanics. This experiment aims to revolutionize Collective taste-making and involve more Forefront's community members in our projects. Our goal is to build the "Port of Entry" to Web3 Social Clubs & Digital Cities, and we need $FF holders to build it with us.

This is a collaborative project, and we need your help to increase the quality of the final report. If you want to help us increase the overall quality of the Forefront Digital Economy Canon, give us your feedback on Twitter and on the #ff-canon channel on Forefront Discord.


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