Introducing Forefront Digital Economy Canon

TLDR; The FF Writers Guild will release a new section of this Digital Economy Canon each other week, available on the Forefront Website. This project is an ongoing experiment in community curation, culminating in the FF Awards.

What’s the Digital Economy Canon?

It’s no secret that new digital communities are forming and innovating at an unprecedented pace. In 2021, Social Tokens alone grew over 500% from January to June. Dozens of new tools for DAOs emerged - and like Legos, have been used to stimulate the creation of hundreds of new digital-native communities.

There is no article or book so far that can cover the depth and breadth of the Social Token space. However, the Forefront Writer’s Guild has curated a list of canonical resources related to digital-native token communities. We hope you will dive in and use this repository as a comprehensive guide covering the big picture, technical details, and practical operational guides.

The resources are split across seven sections that will guide you through the history of the corporation, how a new cooperative economy is emerging, and ways in which anyone can start getting involved.

The Forefront writer guild will release each week a new section, helping you a bit more each time to have a full overview of the Social Token and Web3 spaces.

  • Section 1 - Podcasts to listen - There’s no better way to start digging into this space than by putting on your headphones and starting listening to the best Web3’s thinkers. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our ten favorite podcasts that we’re sure you’re going to love.
  • Section 2: Top Newsletters - Discover new Newsletters thanks to a curated list highlighting the best High-signal/Low noise ones.
  • Section 3: Emerging communities - This section highlights the most promising communities in the space and deep-dives into the reasons why you should pay attention.
  • Section 4: Top Creators - We showcase in this section the creators who’ve successfully created their token and found real use-cases to incentivize their community. Looks rare!
  • Section 5: People to follow on Twitter - Because Twitter can be overwhelming and it might be hard to find interesting content across the noise, we’ve curated a list of 25 thinkers and builders in the space for you. Only alpha here.
  • Section 6: Notable Web3 Tools - After reading all the sections of this market report, we hope you’ll want to start building something. There’s a whole ecosystem of tools that will make your journey way easier, and we’ve selected the most famous ones here.
  • Section 7: Deep-dive into the Social Token/ Web3 space - We’ve organized in an easy-to-read way all of the best resources about the space. From exploring A Whole New Digital World, discovering the power of The Cooperative Society, and deep diving into the Technical Foundations of the Digital Economy, this section should convince you to jump into the space.

You can already access the first section of the Digital Economy Canon on Forefront Website.

Through these comprehensive guides, we hope that readers can learn through their preferred channels on an ongoing basis.

Let the race Begin!

Because we think Web3 is, before anything else, a collaborative space where Community is everything, we’ve decided to create a way for our community to be involved in this Digital Economy Canon and support their favorite podcast.

Every $FF holder can vote on their favorite podcast proportionally to the number of $FF Tokens they hold. The three podcasts that will get the most votes will be highlighted in a final report and on Twitter, along with the winners of the other sections.

The vote will be open for a period of 96 hours starting on Tuesday, November 9th at 9AM PST.

Vote by following the link below. Let the race begin!

Let us know your thoughts by joining the Forefront Discord, discussing the canon in our public channel #📜-canon, and suggesting new items to include in future editions.

We are excited to have you with us and build this new digital economy together.

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